Monday, July 18, 2011

Remembering the 4th of July

Has it really been two weeks already? That is what’s going through my mind as I sit here in my living room starring at a pile of toys on the floor. I am constantly amazed at how quickly time seems to fly by.

Just two week ago today, my house and my heart were full. The day began with such fun as I played on the floor with this little guy. He and his parents live three long hours away from us so when they visit, I try my best to soak up every second with them. I had my youngest grandson all to myself while his mommy and daddy went to pick blueberries. Heaven!

Two weeks ago today, my daughter L. and I sat in this room and through laughter belted out all the patriotic songs we could think of. The key word here is laughter. Not a polite little giggle but the bend over and hold on to your stomach because you can’t inhale while you wipe the tears away kind of laughter that we always enjoy whenever we are together.

Two weeks ago at this time, both my daughters and their sweet families gathered here in the afternoon to celebrate July 4th. (Missed you M. Too bad you had to work!) I stressed about the food taking too long and my oldest daughter gave me that “It’s okay, Mom” look and smile that reminded me that it’s not about the food.

We didn’t attend any parades or watch live fireworks this year, but it was a celebration none-the-less. We wore our patriotic clothes, enjoyed our little cookout and just loved the gift of time together. 

The precious faces of my grandchildren helped me to appreciate the holiday. As they munched on their watermelon, I silently thanked God for the freedoms and opportunities we have in this country. My heart was so moved as I thought of all the men and women and their families that have sacrificed so much. Our country has plenty of problems but I am still so glad we live here.

I think I’ll just leave the toys right where they are for a little while longer. Can a pile of toys make me smile? Yes. They remind me of a special weekend, special people and so many blessings.

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