Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A cowboy came to dinner and stole my heart

I heard the doorbell ring and I hurried to get the door.  This little guy was standing there.

(I didn’t actually have a camera in my hand at that moment. This was taken shortly after.)

I love it when my family gets together. (Especially when the whole group is there. Missed you L, B & A!) My favorite part is sitting back and taking it all in. Listening to the different conversations. Having them in the house. Safe and happy.

While in the kitchen hurrying to get the last of the food on the table, I heard his little voice calling out from the dining room. “Nana, can you sit by me?”

“Oh yes!” I quickly answered. “I would love that.”

“Don’t sit here,” he announced to everyone in a most serious voice. “That’s where Nana is sitting, okay?”

I peeked around the corner and saw his sweet face lit up with a big smile and sparkling eyes, as if it were Christmas. That little four year old’s heart was as happy as could be simply because I would be sitting next to him. (Sigh) Can one touch a heart any deeper? I think not.

I hope he knows that the feeling is mutual. Oh my sweet Tyler. Please don’t grow up too quickly.

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  1. And everyday at VBS this week, he has been excited to go home and show Nana the craft he made. He sure does love his Nana!