Sunday, June 19, 2011

Soaking Up This Time

"So this is what it's like", I thought to myself one day last week. I was sitting behind the wheel of my daughter's nifty minivan while waiting for the red light to change.  In their car seats and looking just plain adorable, were my two grandchildren (one year old Allie and four year old Tyler).

My daughter and I swapped cars for the day. It was easier that way. I only have one car seat and those of you who can imagine installing child car seats in the 100+ heat of summer will understand. Mommy had an appointment and Tyler had swim lessons so Nana jumped in to help.

I always wanted a mini van while my children were growing up. Unfortunately it wasn't in the budget at the time but still I was convinced that my three little ones would never whine, complain or pick on their siblings if only we had one. Ha! I have to laugh at myself now that I know better.

"I'm four"' Tyler told the ladies as we approached the sign-in table. They smiled as they checked his name off and a few minutes later we were following his swim instructors to their designated area in the pool. Allie and I sat on the side and watched as the young "swimmers" took their turn in the water.  I was amazed that those little ones could so effortlessly pull themselves out of the water and sit on the pool's edge. Without steps or a ladder, I am sure I would not be able to get out!

Tyler spotted me and waved, flashing his sweet smile. Oh. My. Heart. I could barely stand all that adorableness. I continued to watch as he listened intently, his short red curls slicked back and nodding as the instructor showed him how to move his arms. Wasn't he just born yesterday? Memories came flooding back of my own children who not that long ago (or so it seems) were learning how to swim. Goodness!

Hoping no one else could see that I was way too emotional, I began to look around (kind of like I do at Hallmark when reading cards). I noticed many other mommies busy on their phones or talking amongst themselves. I'm sure they appreciated the small break in their busy days. Still, I so hoped they appreciate this time in their lives and how incredibly cute their kiddos were in the pool. I wanted to remind them to just savor this time. Before they know it, their little ones will be grown. I'm sure they hear that all the time, I know I did. But it's just so true!

I loved watching Tyler in his little class and I loved playing super hero with him after lunch (we made a pool with his building blocks and Batman was the lifeguard). I loved every minute with him and Allie. And, I loved finally getting to drive a minivan!

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